Quinoa Mex Bowl


Mas por favor!

Serve: 4

300gm of Red Quinoa

1 Red Capsicum diced

1 Yellow Capsicum diced

1 Sweet potato peeled and chopped in small pieces

1 Zucchini diced

1 Purple onion diced

3 Cloves of garlic diced

2 Teaspoon of chilli flakes

5 Black olives sliced

1 Tablespoon pickled Jalapeños

400gm Red Kidney Beans cooked with garlic and smoke paprika

Olive oil

Avocado diced

Fresh coriander

Fresh Shallots

Salt and Pepper

PRE HEAT  oven at 180°

MIX  sweet potato, zucchini, garlic and 1/2 of purple onion with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, chilli flakes, salt and pepper

ROAST sweet potato, zucchini, garlic and 1/2 of purple onion for about 20min. Once veggies are roasted let it cool down for a few minutes

COOK red quinoa as per package instructions. Once quinoa is cooked let it cool down for a few minutes.

MIX quinoa and cooked red kidney beans together and slowly start adding the roasted veggies to it*

ADD diced capsicums,the other half of the purple onion, olives and jalapeños to the quinoa bowl and mix them well

WARM the quinoa and veggies bowl in the oven on low heat for 10 minutes

TOP with avocado, shallots and coriander

SERVE with tortillas, lemon and more chilli sauce


*If you are cooking the red kidney beans from scratch you can add some epic flavour to it like garlic, smoke paprika and a little bit of salt. They will taste amazing. If you are using a can of cooked beans, rinse them well and cook under low heat for a few minutes with smoke paprika, garlic and salt.

Warning: This is extremely delicious, however the purple onion and the garlic may leave you with a really strong onion breath:)