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Dimension of gently slowing down - Waiting list only


Zen Collective, Sydney - Sat 11th of May 2019

Our lifestyle can be quite overwhelming, especially when we find ourselves caught by the accelerating pace of incoming information from our society.

Recognising that is time to slow down is our first step towards healing. Slowing down is rapidly becoming the essential missing ingredient of a our life.

Through these 2hrs and 30min workshops you will be guided and supported to gently slow down into the presence of your feelings, emotions and sensations.

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Zen Collective, Sydney - Sat 8th of June 2019

An inner journey into the depths of your being.
The embodiment of every part of yourself.
The acceptance of the sacredness of who you truly are.
A timeless and formless experience to allow you to softly travel inward and uncover the hidden parts of yourself. Gently facing the discomfort and slowly uncovering your light.
An afternoon of slow, restorative and gentle movement.

Restoring, pausing, feeling and reconnecting.

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“We are in need of new life-giving myths that can sustain us and our children for the next thousand years. These myths are beginning to appear. They are stories of sustainability, of stewardship of the Earth of everything around us being alive.”
Alberto Villoldo