It is time to regain our connection to Mother Earth. It is time for us to re establish our connection with our body.

Nature has given us a massive variety of fresh and nutrient rich food which allows us to create the most amazing healthy life while looking after our planet and staying connected to nature. Mother Earth is so incredible, and it has created the most amazing range of food with the potential to prevent, to heal and to reconnect us to the Earth.

Please find below earth recipes created with the wisdom of Pachamama.  


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Sacred Ritual:

Sourcing food that are local, buying, preparing, serving, and eating my food. Every step creates a sacred ritual. Creating a moment of gratitude before taking the first mouthful of food. The intention, the attention and the energy feeds our body allowing the healing to take place.

Visit your local markets, buy fresh, be creative, explore the textures, flavours, shapes and colours.

Petra’s love for cooking has taking her to complete a Plant Based Chef Course, Plant Based Dessert Course, Raw food Chef and Plant Based Nutrition with eCornell university. If you would like to learn more about the plant based culinary world and learn how to cook please get in contact.