Each one of us will have our unique way of explaining what Yoga is. From the most intellectual words to profound spiritual meanings, from people completely new to Yoga to old souls that have been practicing it for 100s of years.

However we do not need to elaborate and use ultra spiritual words to express what Yoga is. Yoga is Life, Yoga is real.

Yoga is in everywhere and in everything. Yoga is courage and faith. Yoga is the discomfort and the challenges. Yoga lives in nature, in churches, in temples, in the mountains and in the streets, its is found in the ashrams and in our homes. In our tears and in our smiles.

Yoga is the way we see things, the way we connect, communicate and relate to every being. Yoga is the way we live and breathe, act and make decisions.

Yoga is a doorway to a reality that allows us embrace understanding, clarity and harmony and above all, it allows us to recognise we are all connected.

Yoga is not just shapes, anatomy and breath, it is not only on mantras and mudras. Yoga is not the outfit you wear, it is not only what you do on your mat or the number of classes you practice in a day or week. Yoga is not flexibility and it is not physical strength.

For me Yoga is commitment and dedication. An ongoing practice done on and off the mat. A practice and a journey of self study, respect, humility, discoveries, awakening, detachments and faith. It is through the commitment we have to live Yoga in every moment of our path that we remember who we are and the reason we are here.

With love, Petra



private classes

Private classes are a very personal and sacred practice tailored to support the practitioner in any level. Physical, emotional, mental and energetic. Incredibly beneficial for new yogis to more advanced practitioners.

Privates can be taught at your home and it can be arranged for 1 or as a semi private for a small group of maximum 3 people.

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corporate classes

There are just so many powerful benefits on incorporating the practice of Yoga at work.

Over the years Petra has been facilitating Yoga classes for different companies in Sydney. The power of a weekly Yoga class at work has proven to improve health, fitness, wellbeing, productivity, happiness and it opens the door to powerful friendships, partnerships, teamwork and to a healthy and positive working culture.  

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"I have learned so much from Petra! She willingly shares her knowledge of everything from postural alignment to the underlying philosophy of yoga, and she creates an environment in every class that is supportive, challenging and deeply spiritual all at the same time. The mental and physical benefits of Petra’s classes last well beyond the time I spend on my mat".
Jai Humel, Blue Jai Creative