About me

Earth and life lover, Petra has an infinite passion for healing, serving and holding the space for others to evolve, heal, thrive and be empowered.

Born in the magic land of Brazil, Petra carries within her soul, her love for the earth, her intuitive connection with the elements and her long standing purpose to serve the earth and every being.  

Petra’s personal healing journey started with Yoga in 2007. A journey of deep transformation, self inquiry and discovery  created the ground foundation for her growth towards health, wholistic therapies and wellbeing. Through her Yoga practice and under the guidance of mentors and teachers Petra regained her connection with the sacredness of the Earth and with the wisdom from our ancestors. 


This powerful journey has led Petra to reconnect with her Sacred Stories.

As a Yoga teacher and Retreat facilitator Petra creates and holds the space for every one of her students to feel safe and comfortable, to regain and re establish their connection with the Self and with the Earth and to honour and remember their own sacred stories, of who they are, of their own unique path and their purpose.
Among her many passions, Petra has just started to dive into the healing  journey of facilitating Sacred Women's circles, Sound healing and soon to be a qualified Breath work facilitator.

Her passion for healing is also reflected in her kitchen. Petra has a huge passion for natural, fresh, wholesome earth food. Passionate about a Plant Based lifestyle, sourcing, preparing, sharing and eating is a sacred ritual of gratitude, love for life and love for the earth. 

Along her path so far Petra is deeply honoured to have as a mentor Adya from Sacred Seeds and to always learn under the guidance of many incredible teachers.  

She has trained under the guidance of Mark O’brien, Duncan Peak, Simon Park, Annie Carpenter. She has studied as well as practiced with incredible teachers from across the globe, to name a few, Petra as practiced and learned from Eonn Fiin, Leslie Kaminoff, Donna Farhi, Tara Judelle and Tiffany Cruikshank.

Petra is authentic and the real deal. Her energy, compassion and commitment to reveal your own truth along your own journey has helped me to find a calmness and joy at a time in my life that is quite the opposite. Her teachings are remarkable and help me every single day.
Jo Henderson