Petra belluzzo

I am a Sacred activist, visionary, lover, dreamer, writer, a child of the earth, yogini, a creator of many dreams, earth protector, a co creator of life.

I am a breathwork facilitator, teacher, doula, Yoga facilitator and a light worker. I am human. I am here in service to the Earth and in service to the every being.

I have made many mistakes. I have forgotten who I am. I have doubt my self worth.

I have never forgotten my prayers. In the moments that I had forgotten who I was and searched for reasons for been here, deep within me I always knew that I am here for a greater purpose. I always knew that I was never alone.

MY journey

I was born in the healing land of Brazil, I carry within my soul a deep love for the earth, an intuitive connection with the elements and a long standing purpose to serve the earth and to serve every being.

On the sacred land of Australia, I started my own mystic journey of remembering my truth and my purpose.

The ancient wisdom of Yoga lead me into deep transformation, self inquiry, healing and awakening. The breath taught me true embodiment of life and Spirit. The silence guided me home to my heart.

The Earth mother held me as I sat with my wounds and fears. Her presence and the teachings of our ancestors guided me to remember the pure innocence of my essence with unconditional love and forgiveness. The ancient wisdom of the Earth guided me to remember the sacredness of my existence, my sacred story.


Sacred Stories was born to honour the Earth, to bring back the teachings and wisdom of our Ancestors, to be an anchor for planetary rebalancing.

Sacred Stories is in service to support those who long to remember their connection with life, their connection with their own ability to heal, create, manifest and love.

Sacred Stories is a portal to re invoke that which lies sleeping within humanity, the birth right of existence, love and bliss.


I am deeply honoured to have learned with so many incredible teachers. I bow to each one of them in deep gratitude.

Eternally grateful for Adya from Sacred Seeds, Christabel Zamor from Breath of Bliss, Duncan Peak, Simon Park, Annie Carpenter and Janet Stone.

Petra is authentic and the real deal. Her energy, compassion and commitment to reveal your own truth along your own journey has helped me to find a calmness and joy at a time in my life that is quite the opposite. Her teachings are remarkable and help me every single day.
Jo Henderson